Each text and project is unique and requires individual attention.

Every translation is custom-made!

It is hard to give a readymade answer when it comes to the fees of a translation or other services. Each text and project is unique and requires individual attention.

The price depends on various factors such as:

  • Type of text: Is it a technical manual, a recipe, a scientific text, etc.?
  • Degree of complexity: Are there many technical terms in the text? Is the source text well- and smoothly written?
  • Text length
  • Format supplied: Is it a Word or Excel document, pdf, etc.?
  • Deadline: How fast should the service be finished? Should it be completed within 24 hours or 2 weeks?
  • Would you like an extra proofread- or revision round by a second translator? I often work with colleagues (native speakers) to have the translations proofread, as to guarantee the best quality.
  • Additional tasks: Use of a special program, a special layout, etc.



  • You can contact me with the project details either via email or the contact form (service(s) desired, preferred deadline and the source text).
  • I will send you a free quote as soon as possible. Depending on project size, we may also make agreements for a deposit.
  • If you agree to the quote, please return a signed copy and transfer the deposit money.
  • Once I have received your agreement, the editing of your text will begin. This is done in different stages (research, translation, proofreading, possible extra round of proofreading by a second translator)
  • In the meantime, I will keep you informed about the progress. Various questions might come up regarding your text, so please stay available throughout the project to provide answers when needed.
  • No later than on the agreed deadline, I will send you the translation of the processed text and an invoice via e-mail.
  • After, you will have 2 weeks (effective from day of invoice) to go through the translation and indicate any requested changes. These will be included in the text as soon as possible.


Would you like to receive a free quote?

Then contact me and I’ll be happy to answer all your questions and look into the most suitable approach for your project.

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